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Harrison Street facing the Bay Bridge in SoMa
Photograph: Flickr/Shawn Clover

18 signs that you're becoming a real San Franciscan

Written by
Amy Koch

San Francisco is expanding its population at a wildly rapid pace. A sizable portion of the city's residents didn't grow up in the Bay area, which can make it hard to tell how and when you can truly call this city your home. Here are some signs that you've started to earn credibility as a real San Franciscan.

1. You avoid Fisherman’s Wharf like the plague

2. The tech bubble has burst at least once since you moved to SF

3. "Hella” has become a regular part of your vocabulary

4. Fernet has become something you truly appreciate—and you make everyone you know try it at least once

5. You're offended when there isn’t compost available or when people don’t use reusable bags at the grocery stores

6. Burritos are now the center of your life and La Taqueria is your holy grail

7. Avocado doesn’t always cost extra, but even if it does you know it’s worth it

8. You will make fun of $4 artisan toast and subsequently purchase it.

9. Whether walking, biking or driving, the steepest of hills no longer bother you

10. The beauty that is craft beer and microbreweries has become an integral part of your life

11. You understand that Bernal Heights has a better view of the city than Twin Peaks

12. Muni/bart “surfing” has become your forte

13. The number of picnics you've had in Dolores Park is too high to count

14. You’ve chosen a side on the battle between Bi-Rite and Humphry Slocombe ice cream

15. The word "gentrification" regularly comes up in your conversations, and you have an opinion

16. You understand that you have to go outside of the city to find a real hike—Lands End does not count

17. Day trips to places like Tahoe, Napa, Sonoma and Half Moon Bay have become some of your favorite pastimes

18. You’re familiar with the personalities that belong to each district, and still don’t understand how the Marina is a part of the "real" San Francisco

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