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6 art exhibits to see in the Bay Area this May

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Time Out San Francisco editors

With so many things to do in San Francisco, it's easy to miss the many fantastic art exhibits and shows that pass through smaller galleries, as opposed to big museum shows. While it's nearly impossible for even the most ardent art lover to see it all, we've once again curated a collection of must see exhibits currently (or soon to be) gracing the walls of San Francisco's finest art spaces. Plan accordingly. 

Step of Two, Royal NoneSuch Gallery

Step of Two is an artsy duet that is both in and out of sync between Los Angeles-based video artist Emily Mast and SF sculptor Henna Vainio. Both artists use the human body and everyday items like lemons, lip gloss, and cardboard to to connect their work. Through June 4, Royal NoneSuch Gallery, 4231 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland. 

Gugger Petter: Tabletops and Portraits, Andrea Schwartz Gallery

In his fifth solo exhibition, Gugger Petter uses manipulated newspapers to paint his tabletop scenes and portraits. The result is a multi-layered look at the artist's present day life. Beneath the surface of the initial paintings lie the actual social issues, concerns, and news of the day - literally. May 3 through June 9, Andrea Schwartz Gallery, 545 4th Street, San Francisco. 

Works for an Unrealized Film, Et Al. Etc. 

We think Oakland artist Anthony Discenza is onto something - we just can't pinpoint what exactly. His images, media work, and installations are clever and hyper-current, like a long pice of tape from one of those old-school label makers wrapped in a single line along a gallery wall that reads things like, "Like waking up in a pile of dead clowns." This latest exhibit explores pieces from a movie that never made it into theaters. Through June 3, Et Al. Etc., 1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco. 

Promised Land, Rena Bransten Gallery

Oakland painter and Mills College professor Hung Lui has recreated her versions of American photographer Dorothea Lange's pieces. Her ability to completely transform an often well-known photograph into a completely reimagined piece of art through painting is completely mesmerizing. Through June 3, Rena Bransten Gallery, 1275 Minnesota Street, #210, San Francisco.

Pork Chops, Amor Eterno Arte

"Pork Chops" is a reference to the the most popular tattoo designs cut out and assembled on one flash sheet - aka: those big wall posters from which one picks a last-minute tattoo design. This exhibit is a celebration of the East Bay's tattoo flash art tradition and it will definitely make you want to get (another?) tattoo. Through May 31, Armor Eterno Arte, 1227 18th Avenue, Oakland.

Excuse Me, Can I See Your ID? Vessel Gallery

In honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Vessel hosts this group exhibition exploring Asian American identity though art and film. Through May 27, Vessel Gallery, 471 25th Street, Oakland. 

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