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8 ways San Franciscans imagine their NYE vs. the reality

8 ways San Franciscans imagine their NYE vs. the reality
Photograph: Daniel Parks

Has a New Year's Eve ever been as good in reality as it was in the planning stages? If the doozy of a year that 2016 was is any indication, this New Year's Eve might be a big bust (and include a final tragic and horrible celebrity death.) But even on a great year, a San Franciscan's big plans have a slightly different outcome when real life intervenes. 

1. Plan: Meet the love of your life at the Top of the Mark at the stroke of midnight. vs. Reality: Make a pass at your Uber driver on the way home—in an Uber POOL. 

2. Plan: Stick to two drinks and half a glass of champagne. vs. Reality: Get released from the Central Station drunk tank at 6:13am on January 1.

3. Plan: Join some close friends for a quiet dinner party in Noe Valley. vs. Reality: Cancel at the last minute to watch 9 episodes of The Crown again. 

4. Plan: Rock the dance floor at Ruby Skye till 2am in sky-high heels. vs. Reality: End up in the ER waiting room of San Francisco General at 2am with a broken ankle. 

5. Plan: Invite a few friends over for board games and Cowgirl Creamery. vs. Reality: Welcome the entire neighborhood in for Tecate and arm-wrestling contests. 

6. Plan: Meet a blind internet date for a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at Restaurant Gary Danko. vs. Reality: That internet date turns out to be your boss' best friend and everything is weird. 

7. Plan: Get some work done. NYE is amateur night. vs. Reality: At the stroke of midnight, you're on-stage at Bimbo's 365 Club wearing a tablecloth as a hat. 

8. Plan: Dreading the worst. 2016 was rough so 2017 will be rougher. vs. Reality: Who knows! San Francisco is your (organic, locally-farmed) oyster and anything can—and will—happen. 


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