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9 things to do in San Francisco when you just can't sleep

By Time Out San Francisco editors

Sometimes counting sheep just doesn't cut it. We've all been plagued by the occasional bout of insomnia, lying in bed watching the minutes tick by. And while San Francisco is a city notorious for our early bedtime, we're still a town that offers some 24-hour distractions. Roll out of bed, throw on some clothes and hit the town with these nine things to do in San Francisco when you just can't catch any zzzzs:

1. Grab a burger at Orphan Andy's, the Castro's favorite 24-hour diner. If the amazing wall art doesn't give you sweet dreams, the delicious grease will knock you out. 

2. Hop your neighborhood Muni bus and ride the entire loop while listening to podcasts. Just remember to follow the rules

3. Tune into ScanSF. What's ScanSF? A free site that lets you listen to police scanners in real time; the true crime drama is surprisingly effective in lulling an insomniac to sleep. 

4. Every Friday and Saturday night, the Clay Theater hosts cult classics at "around midnight." Catch Rocky Horror Picture Show or The Big Lebowski before finally hitting the hay. 

5. Bob's Donuts is open 24 hours, serving up some of the city's best donuts and late-night people-watching. Pro-tip: try the buttermilk bar.

6. Meditate your way to a peaceful sleep by walking the outdoor labyrinth at Grace Cathedral. The ritzy neighborhood is on the safer side for a late night stroll, and the labyrinth possess a serious calming effect. 

7. Get those grocery errands over with. Most San Francisco Safeways are open 24 hours, and 3am check-out is a breeze. 

8. If you've never been to Lucky Chances casino in Colma, you are in for a treat. The 24-hour casino (plopped right in the middle of half a dozen cemeteries) offers round-the-clock gambling and mediocre diner food. A complimentary shuttle ferries folks back and forth from the Colma BART station, and the people-watching reaches Olympic levels. 

9. Dance away your sleeplessness at the End Up, an all-night dance club in SoMa. This post-party party can get pretty wild, but hey—you're up anyway. 

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