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Bernal Heights temporary pop-up serving SF's most popular breakfast sandwich

By Time Out San Francisco editors

When Chef Jes Taber moved to San Francisco in March of 2015 to help expand a food program for Terroir Natural Wine Bar, she had no idea that in two small years, her small pop-up would be taking Bernal Heights by storm. Called Eye of the Avocado, the pop-up's breakfast sandwich is wow-ing the foodie crowd and the success has Taber considering a move into a permanent location. 

At Terrior Natural Wine Bar, Taber made tapas and other seasonal menu items designed to pair with organic wine. "It was an incredible opportunity to work with dear old friends and learn about natural wine and food pairings," Taber told Time Out SF. "I knew that I wanted my next venture to be a solo affair, allowing for complete creative control." 

Inspired by whimsical, colorful, organic and artful avocados, Eye of the Avocado began it's pop-up post at Avedanos Udder Room and the Holy Water Bar. But it wasn't until a longer-term opportunity at 833 Cortland in Bernal Heights popped up that Taber and her famous 7-minute egg sandwich gained popularity.  

The opening on Cortland was too good to pass up, but it required an investment from the young chef who wanted to amp up the pop-up with a new convection oven, some kitchen supplies, and a "7-minute egg" neon sign. Taber turned to GoFundMe. "I couldn't have done this without the love and support of my family, friends and extended community," explained Taber. "My GoFundMe campaign allowed me to launch this project."

The $10 "Roy. G. Biv." sandwich is the "sandi" that garnering all the buzz. Bear in mind that adding bacon and avocado will run another $5. Made with Taber's 7-minute egg, pickled veggies, herbed butter, cheddar cheese and brioche, the "Roy G. Biv" usually sells out by noon. Eye of the Avocado also offers coffee and pastries. While she must close shop at the end of this month, Taber hopes to find a new and possibly permanent home for Eye of the Avocado. In the meantime, she'll be taking the "Roy. G. Biv." to Malmo, Sweden this Spring. 

Eye of the Avocado is open at 833 Cortland from Wednesday through Sunday from 8am to 2pm until January 30th. 

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