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San Francisco's best and worst ideas of 2014

World Series Champions 2014
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Shawn Clover World Series Champions 2014

San Francisco is a smart city, known for its innovative, passionate and tolerant residents. But we occasionally have our dim-witted moments. Let’s take a look back at the five best and worst ideas of 2014.

Good ideas in 2014

1. Winning the World Series every even year. Now that we’ve done it three times in a row, it’s clear San Francisco has agreed to just win the World Series every other year. Great idea!

MLB/via Giphy

2. Raising enough money to keep Bay Lights going into 2015. This is a good use of funds, rich people. Thank you. 

3. Rain. Finally. (Love you, #Hellastorm.)

MGM/via Giphy

4. Some amazing restaurants joined us this year, including the newer, even better version of Marlowe, the gorgeous Trou Normand, and the brick-and-mortar version of Hapa Ramen. 

5. While the closing of Candlestick Park is the end of a long and amazing era, having Paul McCartney host the last hurrah at the ’Stick was truly wonderful. 

Bad ideas in 2014

1. Trashing the city after winning the World Series. Again. We won, you guys. We should be cherishing our city, not lighting couches on fire. 

2. Our rents are still ridiculous. We mean it. Rent in this town is so prohibitive, we’re losing some great people to the ’burbs. This is a globally recognized city, not 49 square miles of a very expensive private resort.

20th Century Television/via Giphy

3. Whoever gave Sarah Slocumb her pair of Google Glasses. Slocumb managed to turn the entire city against her, even though she was the one who was attacked in a bar. 

4. Scheduling every single construction project in downtown San Francisco simultaneously. Really?

Warner Bros Pictures

5. The guy who drove onto the sidewalk of the toll plaza of the Golden Gate Bridge (allegedly drunk). Drunk driving is always stupid and dangerous, but this guy and the subsequent photo of his fiasco really demonstrated the idiocy of it.