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Send a text to SFMOMA and the museum will respond with an artwork to fit your mood

Sarah Medina

Looking for some work day inspiration? Or maybe just an artsy painting of a kitten to get you through the morning? A new project called "Send Me SFMOMA" allows you to text San Francisco's world renowned modern art museum with your mood and receive a corresponding artwork from their vast collection in return. 

To try it out, send a text to 572-51 with the words "Send Me" followed by what you'd like to see. Texts can ask for literally anything such as a mood (happiness! regret!) to the ocean to a dog. And feel free to use emojis (although the museum doesn't always translate them correctly). Considering there's more than 34,678 items in the museum's permanent collection (just 5 percent of that is on display at any given time), you'll likely never get the same image twice. 

So, in case you don't have time to walk the seven miles it requires to see every artwork in the new museum, you can now peruse the entire collection from your couch.   

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