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The 10 most beautiful staircases in San Francisco

Written by
Matt Charnock

There are two types of people in the world: those who choose the stairs and those who opt to stand listless on the slow-moving escalator. Suffice it to say, San Francisco—with its bevy of breathtaking, beautiful, bold stairways—largely caters to those who are willing to go the extra step. Keen to explore the city’s more calf-straining attractions? Here are 10 of San Francisco’s most Instagram-worthy staircases. 

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Filbert Street stairs, San Francisco 😍

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Filbert Street Stairs

A twisty, windy way to summit Telegraph Hill, the Filbert Street stairs offer charming views of the San Francisco waterfront. Be sure to keep your eyes (and ears) open; The staircase is famous for its colony of red conures that call the surrounding gardens home.

#санфранциско 330, 331... 332 “steps to heaven”- done!✋🏻 This lengthy ascent of the Lyon Street Steps features a “Heart of San Francisco” and gorgeous views of the Palace of Fine Arts, SF Bay and Marina✨ Just being at the summit of these steps is a mystical Zen experience truly difficult to describe. The feeling of the sky and air where you are standing is amazing💚 . . Всем добрый вечер (или утро🙂) Довольно часто в последнее время замечаю, что фотография не передаёт всей глубины реальной картинки. Либо у меня руки сменили место произрастания, либо это намёк, что не надо лениться таскать с собой фотоаппарат ... или может хватит уже по таким красивым местам ездить?😜 Но вот когда позади осталась последняя 332 ступенька Lyon Street Steps, и я обернулась наконец посмотреть, что же там, внизу...у меня захватило дух от возникшей вдруг красоты. Залив Сан-Франциско, Марина, Дворец Искусства, освежающий ветер с моря, доносящееся издалека крики чаек. Бегунов здесь тьма🏃🏃‍♀️ Ещё бы...я бы тоже сразу бегать начала😆 Кстати, надумаете как-нибудь погулять по Сан-Франциско - справа от этой лестница находится нереальной красоты район. Я думала, что домики Painted Ladies на улице Steiner - мой эталон сказочности, но нет, нашлись ещё.

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Lyon Street Steps

The Lyon Street steps are a wonderful piece of urban planning. The stairs start on Broadway Street and make their way from the Pacific Heights neighborhood all the way down to the Marina District.

Arelious Walker Stairway

The Arelious Walker Stairway, in the the Bayview District, is an opulent ode to Dr. Arelious Walker, a former pastor and advocate for the neighborhood. The intricate design features various cultural textiles and ceramics, including Adinkra cloth from Ghana, Native American painted pottery, and woven patterns from Central America and the Middle East. 

16th Avenue Tiled Staircase

At 16th and Moraga, you will find SF’s most famous mosaic stairway, the 16th Avenue Tiled Staircase. All 163 individually designed steps were completed in 2005. 

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#landsendtrail #seacliff #lincolnparksteps

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Lincoln Park Steps

One of the city's more recent art projects, the Lincoln Park Steps are situated off California Street where it dead ends into the Lincoln Park Golf Course. Although it's a smaller staircase, what the Lincoln Park Steps lack in size they more than makes up for in bright colors.

Vallejo Street Stairs

Starting at the bottom of Mason and Taylor Streets, the Vallejo Street Stairs cut through the charming Ina Coolbrith Park, offering sweeping views of the Bay Bridge and Coit Tower. Fun fact: the Vallejo Stairs are one of only a handful of large cobblestone staircases still intact in the city.

#sandladder #bakerbeach #sf #bay #walktothebeach

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The Sand Ladder

The Sand Ladder doubles as a vista point for San Francisco's gorgeous Pacific coast as well as a lower-body workout. One trek up the steep trail and you'll understand why it’s become famous as one of the toughest parts of the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.

Sumi & her Nana at the top of the #hiddengardensteps #mosaicstairs

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Hidden Garden Stairs

San Francisco’s Hidden Garden Stairs are a hidden gem worth popularizing. Finished in 2013, the flora-and-fauna-inspired steps feature flowers, butterflies, leaves and other garden staples. 


I can do it! #justdoitlikenike #hiking #altaplazaparkstairs

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Alta Plaza Park Stairs

Located in Alta Plaza Park, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to enjoy a packed lunch or sip a coffee.  

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