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You can now throw axes for fun in Daly City

Bad Axe Throwing
Photograph: Courtesy Bad Axe Throwing Bad Axe Throwing

Yes, as in literal axes. 

Behind a kung fu studio in Daly City is Bad Axe Throwing, a recreational venue for throwing axes...for fun. Similar to darts, although admittedly a little more dangerous, each axe-throwing lane has a wooden bull’s-eye at the end. Participants can come with friends or rent out the space for birthday and bachelor parties. There are axe-throwing professionals on hand to teach you proper forms and you can even bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks—because booze and sharp farm tools don't mix.

And for those who find they're really good at lumberjack activities, Bad Axe Throwing has founded the W.A.T.L. (World Axe Throwing League) so that ax-throwing enthusiasts can play against each other for the grand prize of a really big axe. We're in. 

Pro axe-throwing form💪😤🎯⛏ #badaxethrowing #axethrowing #WATL #atlanta

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