Scharpling & Wurster Live!

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Scharpling & Wurster
Photograph: Jason Marck Scharpling & Wurster

The Best Show is a long-running call-in radio show — now podcast — in which host Tom Scharpling and rock drummer Jon Wurster accidentally created a fictional community of miscreants via a series of prank phone calls that evolved into wildly creative, intricately crafted comedy gold. The denizens of completely made-up Newbridge, NJ, include lilliputian racist Timmy Von Trimble and The Gorch, an elderly version of The Fonz cycled through a nightmare machine. The result of this comedic coupling is a 16-disc box set released earlier this year and to celebrate, Scharpling & Wurster have taken the show on the road, so you can finally see what Philly Boy Roy looks like in real life. 


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