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Inside LMNL, Market Street's newest psychedelic wonderland from Onedome

Written by
Matt Charnock

If you missed your chance to see the Unreal Garden, or loved it so much you were sad to see it go, immersive media company Onedome is back with a new exhibit called LMNLFeaturing fourteen interactive rooms and installations, LMNL is a collaboration between ten artists who attempted to capture the merging of technology, art, and human connection in each of their exhibits. 

“With The Unreal Garden, we were literally changing the art gallery experience for the 21st century and with LMNL, we are looking to change the way people explore museum installations by making them a part of the experience,” said Onedome’s chief marketing officer Leila Amirsadeghi. 

Photograph: Courtesy LMNL

As soon as guests descend the staircase into the underground LMNL, it's clear this is no ordinary museum experience. Attendees can wander between installations such as Gabriel Pulecio’s “Kinetic Infinity Room,” a visually jaw-dropping LED mirrored room that appears infinitely large with a revolving catalog of lights and sounds and “Fluid Structures," which features digital walls made of "water." You'll even see a water-version of yourself inside of the installation and be able to have a digital water fight. 

In an ode to the Unreal Garden, Design I/O’s “Funky Forest” is a digital forest ecosystem that features a digital waterfall. The waterfall's path can be moved around the room with logs and other forest materials. Depending on where the water flows, the forest will conjure creatures from the forest and grow trees and flowers accordingly. “Prana” by visual artist B-Reelis includes a twelve-foot LED sphere, created to show the connection between humans and technology with one simple breath. With the viewer in the center, the sphere lights up with each inhalation, uniting the piece and the participant. The whole exhibit takes about one hour to explore. 

Photograph: Courtesy LMNL

“You’ll find the artwork reacts to you and allows you to interact with it, almost as if by magic,” says LMNL curator and creative producer Becca Dakini. “Once inside LMNL, each visitor is on a journey of curiosity, contemplation, and collaboration that pushes the evolution of technology, art, and human connection.”

So, let your imagination wander, and don’t forget to take snaps for the 'Gram along the way. 

LMNL opens December 21 at 1025 Market Street; Tickets are $11–$33. 

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