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Market Street was graced with a new mural of Robin Williams


Everyone has a soft spot for Robin Williams. Four years after his death, the city he affectionately called home has a new, incredibly detailed mural of the late-Oscar-winner along its main thoroughfare. 

Painted by Argentinan muralist Andreas Iglesias, who tags his pieces with the pen name Cobre, the mural is a rendition of a photograph taken by Peter Hapak, the same portrait that appeared in the TIME obituary of the late comedian in 2014. Though, Iglesias chose to give Williams's familiar face a more natural, elderly look. 

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Williams's white facial hair and kind, deep blue eyes remain intact, but his face is a little more weathered than we remember. Iglesias hasn’t specifically mentioned why he chose to age Williams this way, but we think it looks lovey—and let's face it, we love Williams no matter what. 

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@cobreart was still giving the final touches to this great graffiti mural of Robin Williams

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Believe it or not, the instantly iconic mural was a spontaneous project. Iglesias was painting with fellow muralist Cameron Moberg in Indiana when Moberg invited him to help paint over one of his San Francisco pieces. Iglesias was given free range to paint whatever he wanted over the tarnished piece and chose to honor his favorite actor from childhood. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final results.

To see the mural in person, talk a stroll down to the former Hollywood Billiards building at 1036 Market Street.

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