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Salesforce Transit Center's new glass gondola will whisk you away to the public rooftop park

Salesforce Park
Photograph: Courtesy Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

If the city's new Transit Center is starting to feel a little like it even has an aerial tram. 

A glass gondola is currently being tested at Salesforce Park, the multi-block public rooftop space at the Salesforce Transit Center (Salesforce bought the naming rights last week). When it opens in June, the glass tram will transport groups of 20 or less from the ground floor to the 5.4-acre rooftop park which includes an outdoor amphitheater, a cafe and a restaurant that will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

If you're nervous about see-through transportation, the gondola won't be the only way to reach the rooftop park; there will also be various elevators and escalators located inside the transit center lobby to help ease the foot traffic expected in the Transit Center, which will connect eight Bay Area counties with 11 transportation systems. 

According to a statement from Salesforce, “The Transit Center and City Park are a natural extension of Salesforce's urban campus, providing better access to and from SF, and a sprawling green park in the hub of downtown for all to enjoy.”

See you in the park.