Time Out City Life Index reveals San Francisco is the most brunch-obsessed city in the world


While we always suspected it, we now have verifiable proof that San Franciscans are the best brunchers in the world! At least, according to the Time Out City Life Index, which revealed that 36% of us eat brunch on the regular, making us the city with the most brunchers. And while some of the other results won't surprise you (San Franciscans are willing to wait 1.5 hours for a restaurant table), some of them are a little more scandalous (14% of San Franciscans think it's ok to send nudes to someone they've never met).

The Time Out City Life Index charts the most exciting cities in the world right now. We ranked 32 cities on criteria including food, drink and culture, local neighborhoods, friendliness, affordability, happiness, and whether people were proud to live in their city.

SF scored well for its buzzy restaurant scene and for people feeling free to be themselves, but fared worse when it came to safety and affordability, leading to an overall ranking of 17.

Here are some other cool things we found out about San Franciscans:

We're hella cultured. In fact, we take in the most culture—bars, galleries, movies, live music—in the U.S. We do at least one of those activities, on average, a week.

And sure, we might whine about the (lack of) dating scene in the Bay Area, but it turns out we're not doing too bad when it comes to sex. According to the City Life Index, 28% of San Franciscans have partaken in a threesome—making us the most-sexually free city in the country. On top of that, 1-in-3 Bay Area residents have ghosted someone, and 65% of us, the highest in the country, have had a one-night stand. And exactly one half of San Franciscans have dated more than one person at a time.

We also work hard; 53% of us said they couldn’t get through the day without checking e-mails. 58% said the same thing about drinking coffee.

Best of all, 88% of us feel free to be ourselves in this city of ours. And that’s pretty damn awesome.

Here's how other cities around the world fared (at least we beat L.A.):  

1 Chicago

2 Porto

3 New York

4 Melbourne

5 London

6 Madrid

7 Manchester

8 Lisbon

9 Philadelphia

10 Barcelona

11 Edinburgh

12 Tel Aviv

13 Austin

14 Paris

15 Ciudad de México

16 Shanghai

17 San Francisco

18 Berlin

19 Tokyo

20 Los Angeles

21 Zürich

22 Beijing

23 Washington, D.C.

24 Bangkok

25 Moscow

26 Hong Kong

27 Miami

28 Sydney

29 Geneva

30 Boston

31 Singapore

32 Istanbul

For more interesting stats about your peers and other party cities click here:

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