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Visit the future at these cashier-less stores in the Bay Area

Cashier-less store
Photograph: Shutterstock

If you've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Amazon Go in San Francisco (opening still TBA), you might want to check out these other cashier-less stores in the meantime to engage in "the future of shopping" and pick up some snacks. 

Zippin, San Francisco 

Somewhere between a convenience store and a self-service lunch counter, Zippin opened its doors in August, becoming the first cashier-less store in San Francisco. Much like Amazon Go, the shopping experience is entirely app based. Shoppers can choose from snacks like Chobani yogurt, Laiki chips, La Croix and Red Bull. Shelf-mounted sensors and in-room cameras work in tandem to track any claimed goods, pairing those items with your scanned QR code for payment. But don't expect an entire chain of Zippin stores anytime soon. The 215 Fremont Street location is primarily serving as testing grounds for the technology. 

Inokyo, Mountain View

Inokyo was the first cashier-less take-and-go store in the Bay Area. Located on Castro Street in Mountain View, the cashier-less store is stocked with locally-made kombucha, organic snacks, protein powders and even bath bombs and body creams. The space—which is almost twice the size of Zippin’s 500-square-foot retail outlet—also operates through an app. Users scan their individual QR codes, walk through the reclaimed wood entryway, fill their bags with goods and leave. Though, unlike Zippin, shoppers do have to scan their QR codes again before leaving. 

Standard Market, San Francisco 

Located in Mid-Market, Standard Market’s newest location is perhaps the most comprehensive cashier-less store in Northern California, stocked with items you’d commonly find at Safeway or Trader Joes like family-size cereals and travel-size shampoos. Customers check-in using an app, but there’s no need to scan any QR code to enter the store. And unlike other cashier-less stores, you don’t have to return unwanted items to their exact location to avoid being charged by the motion sensor. Even if an item is left on the opposite side of the store, a Standard Market customer won’t be charged.