Fleetmac Wood Presents Rumours Rave

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Fleetmac Wood
Photograph: Shanna Doherty, Courtesy Fleetmac Wood Fleetmac Wood

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Rumours, the Fleetwood Mac album forged in the heat of the band’s epic affairs, and for generations of teenaged girls, a gateway to shawls, incense, collecting crystals and tambourines. In celebration, DJs Smooth Sailing and Roxanne Roll of Fleetmac Wood will interpret hit songs from this “perfect album” for the dance floor at a gauzy Public Works party. Although they have taken their love of Fleetwood Mac all over the world, it’s a karmic setting: Rumours was recorded just across the Bay in Sausalito.



By: Ivy McNally


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