J-POP Summit

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J-POP Summit
Photograph: Courtesy NHK World

Gird your senses: The J-POP Summit is back at Fort Mason this year with myriad opportunities to immerse yourself in the latest music, fashion and tech Japan has to offer. J-POP is all about what the kids are up to these days. Films, concerts, fashion shows and all manner of niche hobby exploration are on the docket. Whether your thing is cosplay or Harajuku, IT keynotes or film panels, they’ve got it covered. Highlights of this year's event include Domobics, an aerobics class with the ever-popular internet meme/monster, Domo; cooking demos of simple Japanese dishes with chefs from the Japanese cooking show Dining With the Chef; and a time capsule concept created by art director Sebastian Masuda in which participants can send a message or memorabilia to their future selves by placing them in a "Domo Capsule" (yes, same Domo).

Event website: http://www.j-pop.com/
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