The best things to do in Napa

Put down your wine glass (trust us) and check out some of the best things to do in and around Napa
Photograph: Courtesy Napa Valley Balloons
By Kate Wertheimer and Erin Kuschner |

We get it—you're in Napa for the wineries. Of course! But after a few days of swirl, sip, spit, repeat, your tastebuds will get a little weary. You can swich things up by checking out the area's great bars and restaurants, but if it's your entire tummy that needs a rest, set aside a day or two to explore Napa's offerings that don't come in a glass, from a game of bocce ball to a sunrise ride in a hot air balloon, or—if your belly is ready—a walk through one of the cutest farmers' markets in the state.