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The best marijuana dispensaries in Seattle

These dispensaries in Seattle offer the best flower, vapes, edible and topical options in the city

Written by
Lauren Yoshiko

At this point, cannabis is beyond normalized in the Emerald City. (More people smoke weed than nicotine here.) As the second state to go legal in the US, dispensaries in Seattle have been around for years – they’re incorporated into their respective neighborhoods and are as ordinary as any corner coffee shop or flower stand.

The legal cannabis scene didn’t start from scratch, though. Long-running medical dispensaries had already laid down roots, and many remain the local favorites in the new recreational era. That medical community also helped establish cultural attractions and events like the city’s annual cannabis festival, Hemp Fest. A side effect of early legalization with more stringent consumption laws, though, also means that Seattle has few experiential destinations outside of licensed dispensaries. There aren’t any smoking lounges to speak of, although there are a handful of cannabis-friendly bed-and-breakfasts (and tree houses) in and around the city.

But if you're looking for a top dispensary in Seattle, here are the shops that have stood the test of time; the shops worth the traffic; the best places to go for flower, infusions, vapables, and budtender recommendations around town. 

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Best dispensaries in Seattle

Follow the welcoming yellow ‘Ganga’ sign to step inside this gilded, woman-owned shop, where display cases are illuminated with dangling crystal light fixtures and a floor-to-ceiling golden pot leaf on one wall. Divinely inspired art is hung around the historic brick interiors, and earthy touches like live plants and a handwritten menu offer extra charm.

There is an especially impressive variety of flower, edibles like local favorite Pioneer Squares and vape cartridges like the golden goodies from Fairwinds and Burnwell. For first-timers or shoppers hoping for one-on-one budtender guidance, this spot is also known for its patient and knowledgeable customer service. 

Initially called Stash Pot Shop (the shop changed its name after legal pressure from Stash tea company), this growing chain boasts three locations across the city, each featuring the brand’s signature minimalist aesthetic and commitment to giving back to the community. Up to 20 percent of vendor sales go to support nonprofits like Last Prisoner Project and Cage Free Cannabis.

The budroom has a serene ambiance, with warm wooden furnishings and shelves illuminated with thoughtful accent lights. The sleek design elements continue onto the shelves with products like Airo and Vessel vaporizers and in the pristine buds from craft farms like Bacon’s Buds. Don’t miss the brand’s stylish streetwear line on your way out.  


Like the retro pot bodega of your dreams, The Pot Shop is a quaint, efficient little dispensary located in the Queen Anne neighborhood. Its glowing, vintage-styled neon sign overhead has nearly made it a landmark in its own right. It carries essential edibles from city fave Craft Elixirs, a variety of special edition PAX pods, and a dozen or so strains from trusted farms like Artizen and Doc Croc.

You’ll also find an array of consumption devices and accessories, from artful pieces worth displaying with pride to silicone bongs ready to fall in the river during your next camping trip.

Ask most locals – or anyone on the West Coast, really – for a recommendation of a spot with great flower in Seattle, and they’ll send you here. Have a Heart was a household name in the medical community long before cannabis was legalized, and its walkable proximity to Pike’s Place makes it an easy spot for visitors hitting the usual spots.

Look for buds from Gābriel Cannabis, Subdued Excitement (a.k.a. Sub X) Farms, concentrates or flower by Fire Bros., and pre-rolled blunts by the HI-born Gold Leaf. As another bonus, the staff is actually unionized here – so whatever you pay, you can rest assured the employees are getting their fair portion of every dollar and that the employers respect the value of their staff. 


This enormous, art-filled location in the Capitol Hill neighborhood stands out from the crowd. The 2,500-square-foot, Olson-Kundig–designed interiors are adorned with colorful murals, and sometimes you’ll see painters at work while you shop.

In addition to occasional live painting and music performances, you’ll find flower from Minglewood Brands and Fire Bros. on the shelves, drinkable edibles like Ray's Lemonade and sodas and teas by Evergreen Herbal in the fridge, and small-batch rosin from American Hash Makers.

The staff of this beautiful store do their part to keep their neighborhood beautiful, too: every week, a group of team members picks up excess garbage and litter on the surrounding streets.

Clean and airy Dockside first opened way back in 2011 as the medically-licensed Dockside Co-op. Since then, its educated budtenders have explained cannabinoids, terpenes and suggested dosage to thousands of curious newcomers to the market. Curated glass smokeware lines the shelves filled with premium flower, edibles like Mr Moxey’s Mints and even options for CBD-infused treats and tinctures for your pets.

Each of the handful of locations across the city have their own quirks – green neon details at the Shoreline location; more live plants in Sodo – but all of them have the same serene, organized layout that smoothes out the occasionally overwhelming experience of browsing products.


This pair of charming shops are an active part of their surrounding communities. Locals head over for favorites like craft, small batch flower (in the coolest packaging) and concentrates from Raven Grass, high CBD topicals by Green Revolution, potent RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) by Lazy Bee, and Honu bath salts and personal lubricant. When it comes to accessories and consumption tools, they’re stocked with everything from cutting edge oil and flower vaporizers by DaVinci to adventure-ready chillums and unbreakable silicone pipes.

Particularly helpful for shoppers of a certain age: Hashtag offers a ticketed CBD for Seniors guided experience in which customers can reserve spots for an educational tutorial on this powerful cannabinoid and learn about the different products on shelves. 

When Seattle locals want the freshest and fire-est buds, they head here. Fweedom initially launched as a hemp and alternative material-based clothing company with products that highlighted the benefits of hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. Now, its shelves brim with glittering buds from esteemed farms such as Exotikz, Gold Leaf Gardens and Northwest Grown, popular sleep tinctures by Green Revolution, and delicious edibles like Flav’s sour strawberry apple belts and Honu peanut butter cups. If you’re low on supplies, they’ve got you covered with every size and variety of VYBES papers, dab paraphernalia, and rechargeable STIIZY vape pens. 

Details like terpene concentrations are noted prominently for many products, which are more complicated compounds within the plant that give it the aroma and flavor.


Located in a restored 100-year-old craftsman-style house, Canna is a bit of a hidden gem on the west side of the city. Owner Maryam Mirnateghi previously ran medical dispensary Fusion before opening Canna and its sister lifestyle store, the Canna West Culture Shop, a CBD boutique selling organic herbal supplements, elixirs, candles, art and apparel directly across the street.

The carefully vetted menu at Canna West is modest in size because it sticks to premium offerings like Clean Green Certified flower and concentrates from Lazy Bee Gardens, sugar wax and ‘butter’ concentrates by Millennium Extracts, and C4 Chews. 

If you’re around during the 4/20, be sure to swing by – Canna West often hosts experiential celebrations for the cannabis holiday.

This is what shopping for premium cannabis in Washington should feel like: multi-toned wooden furnishings; warm lighting akin to the glow of a wintertime fireplace; metal bar stools for customers to kick back and talk through offerings with budtenders at ease.

They’re an experienced brand, so those budtenders know their stuff. Don’t hesitate to double-check recommended dosage when sipping a cup of Fairwinds infused coffee, or what to consider when selecting which transdermal Flyright patch would work best for their recent back injury.


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