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5 art exhibitions you can't miss

5 new art shows you must see before spring is in full bloom

March has seen the opening of several art shows. With some closing in April, it would be a shame to miss some of them as Kukje gallery is showcasing one of Korea’s most influential Dansaekhwa artists while Platform-L has invited power video artist Isaac Julien from London. Take a day to view some art, you won’t regret it.

Kwon Young-woo: Various Whites

Dansaekhwa, considered by many as the international face of contemporary Korean art, was a movement that was only recently discovered upon grouping paintings from the 1970’s. From the ashes of the Korean War, when the country was stricken with poverty, artists had to manage with as little as possible. Finding beauty within emptiness and subtlety, many internationally acclaimed Dansaekhwa artists found unique approaches to manipulate the materials of paintings...

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Kukje Gallery , Jongno-gu Until Sunday April 30 2017

Isaac Julien: Playtime

The pulsating sounds and the luxuriating visuals in this dark room, which is lit by the 7 projections being displayed, are rather overwhelming. Your eyes will move quickly as you constantly try to find the visuals that are in synchronization with the voices and sounds, getting lost as easily as finding the right projection. It seems as though this is, in effect, Isaac Julien’s method of not only highlighting the complexity of the idea at hand but also luring his audience into understanding his artistic endeavor for his piece Playtime:  an artistic analysis on the excess and failures of global capitalism...

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Platform-L Tuesday April 25 2017 - Sunday April 30 2017

THE FAR GAME: Constraints Sparking Creativity

Arko Art Center is holding a homecoming exhibition for the Korean Pavilion’s return after completing the Venice Architecture Biennale. The monument, which was said to have attracted about 250,000 visitors, was founded on the idea of the ‘FAR Game’ — with ‘FAR' being an acronym for Floor Area Ratio, which is thoroughly and inevitably considered in any architecture projects in Seoul due to the country's extremely dense urban setting. For an architect in Korea, the concept often comes down to convincing their clients that their designs will yield the largest rentable floor area in order to get a commission...

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Arko Art Center , Jongno-gu Tuesday April 25 2017 - Sunday May 7 2017
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