An Woong Chul: The Other Side Of Silence

An Woong Chul: The Other Side Of Silence

Landscape photography, something almost everyone with a camera has tried out once in their lives, is admittedly not as easy as it may seem. Even for artist/photographer An Woong Chul, who’s had years of experience in the field, still deems it a subject to truly master. For An Woong Chul, music works as the remedy in clearing his focus and enabling him to orchestrate the scenery for the perfect capture. It has led him to be the only Korean artist to have his work used by German recording label ECM. These pictorial musical landscapes are being previewed at Daelim Changgo’s Gallery Column in Seongsu-dong. On show is The Other Side Of Silence, a collection of natural landscapes spanning 20 years of the artist’s career. An aims to share with his viewers the experience of listening to the imaginary music within a still picture and connect with the sounds of nature.


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