Art sonje Banner Project #6: lim minouk, monument 300–chasing Watermarks

Monument 300
Photo by Byungjoon Shin
Ever since 2013, the museum has been hanging a large-scale banner to integrate art into its surrounding environments and Lim Minouk’s “Monument 300–Chasing Watermarks” is the sixth to be on display for the Art Sonje Banner Project series. Covering almost an entire quarter of the rear façade of the six-story private art museum, this particular artwork shows the Waterworks Center in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do. Shortly after Korean independence was declared, the Waterworks Center became a site where 300 accused of being pro-Japanese and anti-communist were killed. Lim Minouk’s work goes beyond just the poster and delves into research, investigation and performance art (a performance piece by the same name of “Monument 300–Chasing Waterworks” was also held late last year). 
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