Artist Kim Yong-oh’s CITY LIFE exhibition


Do you remember Time Out Seoul’s first ever edition? Seoul’s charm of being a city that is vibrantly alive 24 hours 7 days a week is expressed through bright and bold colors. That powerful piece is an artwork done by illustrator Kim Yong-oh. His style of using a color blocking technique, creates a strong visual effect, and is most definitely an attention grabber. The stories are of his travels around the world. His first exhibition that opened that opened last year displayed works of his travels in India. His almost hallucinogenic scenes were of mountains, beaches, cities, and of the travellers and hippies he met. Now, his second exhibition at Gallery Everyday Mooonday, is called CITY LIFE. Contrasting to his India pieces, geometric scenes of alleyways and tall buildings, zebra crossing and street signs fill his canvas. It explains his recent travels to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Visit this exhibition to see this artist’s unique rendering of the 3 Asian mega-cities.


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