Closer… Come Closer…


Artworks shown at this solo exhibition of Kim Yong-Ik lure you to lean closer and closer. The pieces, seemingly minimal at first glance, expose the history and narrative come closer. Kim Yong-Ik is a representative Korean modern artist engaged in the Dansaekhwa to the political and populist movement Minjung art. At Ilmin Museum of Art around 100 pieces encompassing Kim’s early works from the 70s to his latest, portray the journey this artist encountered during Korea’s peaceful, yet turbulent modern history. Separated into 3 sections, the first section exhibits his debuting works, the Plane Object series, which employ optical illusions by painting creases on stretched and folded fabrics. The second section portrays pieces from his heyday, polka dots painted rhythmically on rectangular canvases that hold faint memos, smudges and even signs of deterioration. Finally, the last room contains his most recent works since the millennium called the Coffin series, a self-reflection of his past oeuvres.

By: Chuljunsung


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