Color Your life


Google how many colors exist in the world and “infinity” is the recurring answer that comes up on numerous websites. However, the range of colors people might use in everyday life are not nearly as broad. For those of you who are interested in the use of color, check out this new exhibition at the Daelim Museum. At this exhibition, artworks by several contemporary furniture designers who work with a wide range of colors will grab your attention. Anton Alvarez coiled different color threads together to create a furniture-shaped object without using nails or screws, and the shades of orange, turquoise, blue and black that are used, which might otherwise seem incongruous, harmoniously come together in this piece. Other artists worth checking out are British designer, Bethan Laura Wood, who creates furniture by using patterns with a myriad of different colors, and Fredrik Paulsen, who paints wood in opposite shades of gradated colors. Additionally, the museum is putting on several interior design displays that reflect the color trends of 2016. Even if your favorite colors are everyday colors, you might walk out of this eye-catching exhibition a convert.


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