Connect 1: Still Acts


Art Sonje Center presents three solo exhibitions by artists Chung Seoyoung, Sora Kim and Lee Bul in Connect 1: Still Acts. This is the first part of the Connect series, a collection based series surveying the history and collection of Art Sonje. Through investigating its past exhibitions, the center aims to approach upcoming shows by “linking actions from yesterday and today with those of tomorrow,” and thus create a platform for the audience to exchange ideas and opinions. Art Sonje Center hopes create new discussions by re-contextualizing past works in the present light.


Starting from the ground floor, Sora Kim’s Library is reinterpreted from an earlier version from 2004. It will display books donated from 100 people. The second floor is occupied by Chung Seoyoung’s Lookout, Flower and Gatehouse along with her new works. Her objects embody a sort of mysterious ambiguity due partly to their simplistic qualities, either in shape, size, or color. And finally the third floor is overrun by Lee Bul and her artist group Museum. Lee’s iconic Cyborg W1-W4 hang throughout the floor like pig carcass hung for processing, some even wrapped in plastic. Rotting fish embellished with cheap plastic jewels and beads are placed along a wall. The floor is covered with cardboard boxes, some of which still have company logos and slogans, and islands of constructed of steel frames. Interestingly, amid all this visual chaos exists a calmness, a suggested emptiness, maybe from all the transparent plastic and thematic whiteness.

By: Chuljunsung


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