Crossing Plane: unit, layer, Nostalgia

Crossing Plane: unit, layer, Nostalgia

In traditional art, “the plane” is often referred to as the canvas. The canvas then, was the object of art, something to be painted on, drawn on and colored on. This exhibition explores how the idea of the plane has changed in contemporary art. Featuring ten local touted contemporary artists, this exhibition is set up into three different themes (unit, layer and nostalgia) on three different floors. While none of the works exhibited here are on display for the first time, it’s interesting to examine how the plane escapes its traditional role as the object of art. In Meena Park’s acrylic on canvas “11111222222233333333333333333344444455566666677788888999990000,” she plays with dingbat fonts in 50 different shades of pink. Through the colors, she’s able to give a three-dimensional look to the piece. Works by Cha Seung-eon, who majored in fiber art and weaves the canvases herself, are also on display. While at first glance, her works look like black-and-white abstract paintings, you’ll notice that they are actually dyed threads that have been woven together. Video art and sculptures are also included in the exhibition and add additional layers to the work that’s multi-dimensional in more ways than one.


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