Daniel Buren: Variations

Art Free
Daniel Buren
Courtesy of the artist and 313 Art Project

“Today, we’ll conduct an experiment exploring visible spectrums at our school lab. It’s a little archaic to prove a point through “seeing,” but heck, he won the Golden Lion in 1986.” —Kim Young-jin (CEO of Artinside)

As a multitude of multimedia-based artists are adjusting their works to suit the site, the population of those who obsess over a single image or theme is shrinking. Daniel Buren, on the other hand, has been making site-specific installations with stripes since the ’60s. As he believes a single visual idea is all it is takes to transform a space, he uses square Plexiglas to cast colored shadows to represent the grid-like buildings of Seoul. 
Event phone: 02-3446-3137
Event website: http://313artproject.com/
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