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Codex (da Vinci’s collection of scientific recordings) takes a modern twist, allowing viewers to break the boundaries of art and science, at DavinciCodex exhibition at Culture Station 248. 

Although at times the connection between the artwork and Leonardo may be not as solid, it is more important to understand that some of these works have been inspired from the Codex or can be connected with many of da Vinci’s philosophies. The first piece of the exhibition (Shylight by Studio Drift) for example, glorifies nature going along with what da Vinci once said, “The most wise and noble teacher is nature.” As you watch the floral white drapes fall in accordance to the mellow background music, you will be astounded by the pure beauty of the blossoming drapes highlighted by the hidden light inside. This poetic experience of gazing upwards at the symbolic movement subtly triggers you to investigate the relationship between art, nature, humanity and technology, setting the mood for the rest of the exhibition.

On the other hand, works by Leonardo3 (a studio dedicated to researching and incarnating the designs and texts of da Vinci) are what allows us to critically examine the Codex and brilliance of Leonardo’s thinking. Unfortunately, all of these pieces that are scattered throughout the exhibition are somewhat disappointingly stagnant. Although an interactive digital platform offers additional information of the models along with videos on how the mechanisms function, it would have been nice to see the actual models move. Nevertheless, the largest of these models, Flight, is impressively displayed in the last room. The historical machine set against a large replica of The Last Supper, even hints at how art, science and humanity are intertwined.

Davinci Code offers interesting encounters with different artworks that display a response to da Vinci’s methods, which can be felt through the artist’s approach and process behind their creation. Although the collection of works may seem a little unorganized, each experience and work offers a contemporary perspective to the philosophies of the Italian painter, sculptor, scientist and engineer.

By: Chuljunsung


Event website: http://davincicodex.kr/
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