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julien isaac
julien isaac
julien isaac
The pulsating sounds and the luxuriating visuals in this dark room, which is lit by the 7 projections being displayed, are rather overwhelming. Your eyes will move quickly as you constantly try to find the visuals that are in synchronization with the voices and sounds, getting lost as easily as finding the right projection. It seems as though this is, in effect, Isaac Julien’s method of not only highlighting the complexity of the idea at hand but also luring his audience into understanding his artistic endeavor for his piece Playtime:  an artistic analysis on the excess and failures of global capitalism. Being taken from London to Reykjavik in Iceland and even Dubai, the 70-minute long video installation is indeed an experience, revealing lavish seduction of the lustrous deceptions of global wealth through a darkly satirical narrative.

This exhibition is a short but time-consuming one. For that, you may be tempted to begin with watching the main piece, Playtime,  located on the 4th basement floor. If, however, you are willing to take your time to fully engage in the conversation that Julien is portraying, it might be better to begin with The Leopard which provides an understanding of the artist's method of delivery. Proceeding to Kapital which offers an insight into the definition of capital, the centerpiece Playtime awaits — just make sure to prepare yourself for its intensity, and try not to get intimidated by its complexity.

By: Chuljunsung


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