Kim Yong-Ik


“This is an age where editing is a required process for art-making, in place of creating. Furthermore, the age of ‘development-creativity’ has come to a close, and one can now declare an age of ‘collection-compilation.’ As I move forward towards the ‘deconstructed self’ from my initial ‘modernist self’ I will no longer create new works. Instead, I will present those I have reinterpreted, restructured, and reappropriated from my previous works.”

The K2 space located inside Kukje Gallery is presenting 30 new paintings the simplistic post-Dansaekhwa contemporary artist Kim Yong-Ik. The exhibited artworks produced within the past 2 years (year 2015 and 2016) reflect a more refined quality to them in comparison to his earlier, more experimental works of art. It seems as though Kim has added more color and vibrancy while the compositional structure of the paintings rigid yet lighthearted. Overall, Kim’s pursuit of deconstructing himself from his past ‘modernist self’ has resulted in an overall light-hued palette within his paintings, an element clearly reflected in the Thinner...and Thinner… series. Simplicity and polk-a-dots are a continued motif. The exhibition will be open until December 30th.

By: Chuljunsung


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