Lee Yongbaek: An Unfamiliar Path


An Unfamiliar Path is also the name of the installation that begins Lee Yong-baek’s first solo show in Korea in eight years. The basement contains 6 large wavering mirrors that give off a dizzying effect and works as an interactive description of the artists sensation felt in recent years. He talks about the “absurd things like the Sewol ferry disaster” that have not only scarred the country but also distorted our hopes. Other works include installations, sculptures and video pieces, including three remakes, one of which (titled Angel Soldiers) was shown at the 2011 Korean Pavilion in Venice. Through his recent works, he poses the question: “Are our sensibility and mind intact, in a world where we divide the mind and the body, and arts and science?” Lee, like a Haiku which is known to be an art of the moment, is an interesting artist in that he deals with many political and social conflicts around the world, yet avoids being classified as a political artist.

By: Chuljunsung


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