MMCA Collection Highlights partⅠ: STOP, and SEE

MMCA Collection Highlights partⅠ: STOP, and SEE

Do you remember the first time you encountered a Korean drawing at an exhibition? Maybe the word “drawing” reminds you of western oil paintings rather than Korean art. Here you can have a look at MMCA collections that are categorized as Korean paintings as well as the general flow of modern Korean art since the 1960s. They shed light on the works of artists who went through the harsh times after the Korean arts boom in the 1970s and look back on the identity of Korean painting itself. Works of one of the first generation female artists of the modern times, Park Naehyeon as well as Son Dong-hyun, who broadened the territories of modern Korean arts by drawing elements of popular culture such as Michael Jackson and Batman will be shown. 


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