Montage Film

Montage Film
"The Shape of Things to Come" ©Courtesy of Jen Lu

“In art, it’s called “archive,” but in film, “montage” is its name. With the help of 10 multimedia artists, the two come together in the form of short film mash-ups. Walking out the exhibition, you’ll feel as if you’ve read a dozen books in one eyeful.” —Kim Young-jin(Artinside CEO)

Had enough of your friend’s blather about her fabulous trip to Europe? Get to know old Europe yourself from the ‘60s through the ‘70s through some washed out footage. Here, you can see black and white films of laborers hurrying out of a factory in Lyon, and in Elizabeth Price’s video piece, “The Woolworth Choir of 1979,” scenes of buildings on fire flicker by as dancers twist and morph their bodies like the roaring fire, putting together a painful flashback. 

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