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북한 프로젝트 (ⓒ Ronald de Groen Collection)
ⓒ Ronald de Groen Collection
북한 프로젝트 (Courtesy of the artist and SeMA)
Courtesy of the artist and SeMA
북한 프로젝트 (ⓒ Nick Danziger / *NB Pictures for the British Council)
ⓒ Nick Danziger / *NB Pictures for the British Council

“Paintings by North Korean artists, photographs of North Korea captured by foreign artists and works on North Korea by local South Korean artists. Not so sure that NK will look beautiful after this exhibit.”—Kim Young-jin (CEO of Artinside)

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Korea’s Liberation Day, SeMA is showing Nick Danziger’s photos of North Korea; one of which portrays Pyongyang women getting their hair done at the Changgwang-won Health Complex and others of North Korean posters that read “Let’s raise more household livestock to produce more chicken eggs and meat!” Plus, works by refugee artists are displayed next to propaganda oil paintings, so it’s not exactly an exhibit that the North Korean government would be fond of.
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