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Photo: Five Rooms

  • Art

Time Out says

PHOTOGRAPHY TODAY IS used not only to record history but also to bring transparency to society. Instagram and Snapchat are good examples of this. Maybe it's this ready availability that has led to photography constantly being compared to other fields of art, like sculpture and performance. But Doosan’s exhibition of five contemporary photographers challenges these mundane views of the art form. Highlights include Kim Tae-dong's narrative of real people and the city, while Jang Tae-won captures the essence of shadow as a reflection of light in his photographs. The exhibition also includes “graphs” figuratively representing the role and status of these photo artists in the contemporary art world. Viewers will leave with what the gallery aims for: Questioning the role of photography in contemporary art, a sense of Korean photography today and, perhaps, even an understanding of the state we live in and hope for the future.


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