Pink Poison

pink poison
pink poison
pink poison

Arario Museum is displaying the works of Minjeong Koo and Rae Shim as part of their ‘Project Underground’ with the aim to discover and introduce rising artists. The title of the exhibition, Pink Poison, refers to the pink-colored digestive medicine Pepto-Bismol, suggesting that the uneasy feelings of deception can be a catalyst for art (as the charmingly baby-pink medicinal liquid may make you want to vomit when over-consumed). 

The exhibition begins with Rae Sim’s black and white paintings in a maze-like format. The drawings depict extremely vulgar scenes of violence, amputation and even cannibalism. Minjeong Koo’s colorful stuffed dolls (which seem like a living organism) and painting at the end recreates the physical space of the gallery to put the audience inside of a "mother’s womb." 

Pink Poison is the second of ‘Project Underground’ — the museum is set to open the space for up-and-coming artists up to four times a year.

By: Chuljunsung


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