Polish Art: an Enduring Spirit

Polish Art An Enduring Spirit

“What is the target age group of exhibitions by big major museums? Elementary students (and their mothers) looking to do some homework on foreign art and culture. But that won’t stop us from going. I mean, it’s Poland.” —Kim Young-jin (Artinside CEO)

In cooperation with the National Museum in Warsaw, Seoul brings a piece of Poland to you. From the persevering country that produced greats such as Copernicus and Chopin, the exhibition Polish Art: an Enduring Spirit will feature works of art and artifacts of their history. From the Middle Ages through the 20th century to today, the exhibition aims to give you a thorough overview of Poland. From 17 different venues in Poland, over 200 prominent paintings of Jacek Malczewski, Jan Matejko, Teofil Kwiatkowski and others will highlight episodes and significant figures of Poland’s past. Don’t worry, no one will ask you to pronounce their names!

Event phone: 1688-9891
Event website: http://www.polandart.co.kr
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