Push, Pull, Drag

Push, Pull, Drag

What is art? Some people answer the question according to significant art movements in the past or by stating the contribution art makes to our society. Some artists say it’s a study of color while some curators might dictate it is the relationship between the viewer and the artist. Such undefined nature of art is possibly what granted it the status as a discipline of study. In such light, this exhibition goes further to examine how our curiosity for the arts arises. Because the show is set without one specific thematic structure, the artworks presented allow one to explore individual tastes and preferences. You begin to realize what pushes, pulls, or drags your curiosity. Is it the abstract forms and/or colors from Hejum Bä’s I By tailing back I, the details resulting from the heaving contrasts made on the cace photgraphy (Gim Ikyun’s LINK PATH LAYER), or the movement and escape of smog from Jeong Seyoung’s Deus ex Machina. You may even begin to question your perception and cognition yourself. Yet, perhaps the best would be not to question how things relate—but to let your body and mind free to enjoy this show.

By: Chuljunsung


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