Ryu Kyung-Chai: Abstract Painting 1960-1995

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Hyundai Hwarang gallery begins this year with an exhibition of late abstract painter Ryu Kyung-chai (1920 - 1995). It will be the first time in 26 years to present this artist, while he partook in only 2 exhibitions within his whole career, in 1983 and 1990. Although Ryu is not as well known to the public in comparison to his peers Yoo Young-kuk and Kim Whan-ki, he is one of Korea’s first-generation abstract painters and regarded as one of the country’s pioneers in abstract art. Much of his paintings take inspiration from nature. While his oldest works have a rougher visual effect, he later developed a more simple and geometric approach. Overall, Ryu's techniques became more concise as he began to visualize light on his canvas. Ryu Kyung-Chai: Abstract Painting 1960-1995 exhibition will be open until February 5th.


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