semA Blue 2016—seoul Babel


In the past decade or so, independent art studios, known as “alternative spaces,” have sprung up in neighborhoods like Eulji-ro, Changsin-dong and Cheongyangri. In acknowledgement of this phenomenon, SeMA has organized an exhibition of 17 different teams of 70 different artists from these alternative spaces showcasing their drawings, installations, videos and photos. Walking into the exhibition, you’ll notice how the various teams are cordoned off. Each section is an exhibition of its own, making Seoul Babel an “exhibition within an exhibition.” While the teams couldn’t possibly bring their entire alternative space with them, Im Dah-un, from the Gigoja art team, says “they brought the atmosphere from their space.” Without a specific theme or featuring a celebrity artist, it might be difficult for a beginner to understand the exhibition. To maximize the experience, we suggest taking a moment to read the explanations about each space beforehand and doing a little research if possible. Case in point? The team 300/20 named themselves after the cost of their rent (3 million won deposit, 200,000 won in rent per month). A team that managed to find such low rent in Seoul must be able to pull off something, right?

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