Sojung Jun: Kiss me Quick

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sojung jun
sojung jun
sojung jun
sojung jun

In acquiring and expressing a microscopic view on the concepts of time and experiences of emotions, artist Sojung Jun uses diverse media including video, installation and performances. The grand winner of the 14th SongEun Art Award, Jun’s solo exhibition entitled Kiss me Quick showcases 3 new works that she has been developing over the past 2 years. By dealing with historical texts (including Denis Diderot’s book Letter on the Blind for the Edification of Seeing 1749) and personal interviews with many individuals (including 3 Korean adoptees Jun met during her residency in France), she formed humanistic narratives and turned them into sensual experiences through multi-media installations involving collaborative works with choreographers, scenographers, mathematicians, cooks and composers, among others. While disassembling her findings and reassembling them in new ways, Jun extracts new meanings that have been hidden within stories and expresses in a way in which we can easily connect.