Son Jang Sup: Painting as Tangible Vestige of History

Son Jang Sup
Son Jang Sup
Son Jang Sup

Painter Son Jang Sup’s dimly colored paintings of nature will be on display at the Hakgojae Gallery until Jun 18th. The collection being showcased is mainly comprised of Son's recent works of the 2000’s. Created by the artist who puts humanity as his main focus, Son's charmingly rough paintings of mountains and trees serve a reflection of people and their capability of stern silence. Far from an implication of passivity or incapacity, the concept of silence here represents the most powerful form of resistance and the most determined and energetic force generated by people. Son's dynamic depictions of landscapes and nature exude wonderfully earthy qualities offering tranquil and spiritual vibes that once again imply the calm yet powerful notion of resistance.


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