The Treasures of Gansong Part 4

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Treasures of Gansong
Courtesy of the artist and Gansong Museum of Art

“To put it simply, they’re the most Korean sort of paintings you can look for: drawings of maehwa, orchids, chrysanthemum, and bamboos from the Joseon Dynasty.” —Kim Young-jin(Artinside CEO)

The Gansong Museum of Art holds two exhibitions a year for preservation reasons, but drawings of bamboo and flowers from the mid-Joseon Dynasty, ironically, will be shown at the most futuristic landmark in Seoul. Showing “sagunja,” which represents these four symbols of mae (apriot blossoms), nan (orchid), guk (chrysanthemum), and juk (bamboo), the fourth chapter on the treasures of Gansong will be on view through Aug 30. 

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