Vogue Korea presents Mode & Moments: 100 years of Korean Fashion


Vogue Korea presents Mode & Moments, an archival show displaying 100 years of Korean fashion in a rather lavish manner. In celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary, this special exhibition is taking place at the Culture Station Seoul 284, which is better known as the old Seoul Station. At this historic venue, you will be able to time travel to the 1900’s Korea making your way back to the present and experience the evolution of Korean Fashion. 

With over 300 pieces from 60 of Korea’s famed designers throughout history, this grand scale exhibition is the first of its kind; Encompassing art, performance, music, photography, film, and design, it fully encapsulates the growth of Korean fashion. Rooms specialized in displaying various apparel pieces pertaining to a certain period does not only show the particular styles of clothing but also the culture and society that influenced—and were influenced by—such styles, and moreover, ways of life. That is, what is truly fascinating is the story behind each rare item: where it was made, who wore it, and for what occasion. 

With an overwhelming presence of multinational luxury goods and fast-fashion brands in the market, it is getting ever harder for the domestic designers to receive recognition that they deserve, even in their own home country. In such light, this show attempts to encourage and inform those who love fashion the rich history and prospective potential of Korean fashion. 

Taking place from September 1st only through the 22nd, Mode & Moments: 100 years of Korean Fashion is an exhibition you cannot miss this month

By: Chuljunsung


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