Wanderland exhibition by Hermès


After London, Paris and Dubai, the flâneur has made its way to Seoul. What, you may ask, is a flâneur? It’s French for a stroller, a well dressed urban connoisseur of the street, a man with leisure walking the streets of Paris swinging his cane to and fro.

“Flânerie, that wonderfully liberating art of urban wandering is second nature to Hermès, one could even say our most profound nature,” explains Pierre-Alexis Dumas (Hermès Artistic Director). Which is why a special exhibition organized by Hermès, Wanderland is being offered to the public for everyone to get a chance in stroll in the unexpected and be encapsulated in the heart of Hermès creation and its inspiration.

Like the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland, a journey through this exhibition will have you free your spirit and dreaming, the 2 intrinsic elements of la flânerie. Hermès has done an exceptional job to make you feel like a real Flâneur. For the first time in Wanderland history, Seoul’s edition will provide you a wooden cane with an attached lens that will help you see hidden videos along the colorful journey. Each object, painting and structure seems to have a fun story behind it. For example, Each time the exhibition moves to a new city, a local artist is chosen to paint a mural for ‘Parisian Metro’ section. Whether you decide to decipher the stories on your own or with friends, the docent tour or the audio guide is highly recommended so you don’t miss anything.

For the exhibition, objects have been carefully selected from the Hermès archive, the museum collection of Emile Hermès at 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris and Hermès’ contemporary collection. Bikes, bags, boots, travel writing cases, card decks, watches, canes, umbrellas, see how the fashion brand incorporates such objects in their artistic installations.

Wanderland is free and will only be open from November 19th to December 11th at D Musuem.

By: Chuljunsung


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