Yoo Seung-ho, Shaking Your Head Loose

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Yoo Seung-ho Shaking Your Head Loose
Courtesy of the artist and Perigee Hall & Gallery

“Yoo Seung-ho often draws big mountains alongside his miniature, writings, but at this exhibition, the artist makes an attempt at humor.” —Kim Young-jin (Artinside CEO)

When Yoo Seung-ho makes his work, he approaches the process with an empty and almost dazed state of mind. Featuring landscapes garnished with doodled texts, the drawings resemble the winding hallway that leads to the rollercoaster ride at Lotte World, walls marked with “I love you” and “I was here.” From ink splattered dragons and breast-peaked mountains to texts like “Draw a proper ship, will you? Are you kidding me?!!,” there is just as much to read as there is to see, as the writings and the illustrations serve as a sort of diagram or a mind-map into Yoo’s psyche. 

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