City Hall Plaza

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City Hall Plaza

If you should ever happen to catch the plaza outside City Hall without an event, take note of how green that oval space is and how distinctly that grass stands out. Facing both the former City Hall (now the Seoul Metropolitan Library) and the New City Hall, a quick look here can often highlight what's going on in the country. The Hi Seoul Festival takes place every autumn when Korea peaks with creative energy while an ice skating rink opens in the winter for cold Seoulites seeking activity. And on a hot and humid summer day, the floor fountain dances with flashes of water. City Hall Plaza serves as a metaphor for Seoul as a whole, showing that the city is ever-changing and new again every season.


Venue name: City Hall Plaza
Address: 110, Sejong-daero
Transport: City Hall Station (Line 1), exit 5 or 6
Price: F
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