Lee Jin-ah Memorial Library

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Lee Jin-ah Memorial Library

Take a short stroll from Seodaemun Independence Park, and you are met with a brown brick building that has wide glass windows that occupy the entire façade of the library. The Multi-Information Center connects the 3rd and 4th floors, with high ceilings and a wall made entirely of glass. Bibliophiles can enjoy the panoramic view of the small park in front of the library and the sun streaming through the large windows. From the lounge area, you can take in the historic and tranquil scenery of Mt. Inwang and Seodaemun Prison


Venue name: Lee Jin-ah Memorial Library
Address: 80 Dongnimmungongwon-gil
Opening hours: Tue–Fir 9am–6pm(1F·2F), 9am–10pm(3F·4F); Sat–Sun 9am–5pm; Closed Sun
Transport: Dongnimmun Station (Line 3), exit 4
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