Drink outside a convenience store

Right, ya'll already are...

GS25 Itaewon Noble

Located across from Seongji Motel in Itaewon, they have tables, seats and potted plants outside. The best thing is the tent that keeps you dry in the rain.

GS25 Itaewon Hill

Located on the hill between Itaewon and Noksapyeong, this place has a small terrace where you can drink while people watching. They only have plastic stools behind a wooden fence, but it’s comfortable enough.


CU Seoul Forest Park

On one side of this convenience store located inside Seoul Forest are a wooden deck and a terrace. What makes it even better is the view of grass, a pond and a fountain. ‘Tis a great place to do some daytime drinking.

CU Hapjeong Taeyang

This one is on the way to Hapjeong Station from Rolling Hall in Hongdae. A lot of people watch sports on TV while drinking beer in front of this convenience store.


Ministop Boramae Park

Everyone who goes on a picnic to Boramae Park drops by this convenience store to have a snack at the tables in front of the store or drink beer at one of the wooden tables in the park.